VIDEO: Grandma gets big surprise meeting adopted grandbaby

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Friday, October 9, 2015

It's Friday! Here's a sweet video to get you to the weekend.

Laura Dell and her husband just became parents after trying to adopt for a year.

To celebrate, they staged the ultimate surprise for Laura's mom, who was adopted herself, at her work, ABC News reports.

"I have a gift for you," Laura says while handing her mother a bag.

"Do you have a baby in there?" her mom jokingly replies.

"In the bag? No, there's definitely not a baby in the bag," Laura says.

There is, however, a baby's onesie wrapped up inside the bag, prompting Laura's mom to immediately gasp and cover her mouth in shock.

The unsuspecting grandmother-to-be had no idea the couple had finally been matched with a baby. After seeing the onesie, Laura introduced the new grandma to her baby.

"Meet your grand baby. She is asleep," Laura says in the touching video that has over 500,000 views. "Mom, sit down on the couch so you don't pass out."