Delaware student sent home over leggings

WILMINGTON, Del. -- A Delaware family is upset after their teenage daughter was sent home Wednesday because of her outfit.

17-year-old Emily Schaeffer, a senior at Brandywine High School in Wilmington, Delaware, wore leggings to school.

However, school leaders say if students wear leggings, their lower half must be properly covered.

The school asked her to go home and change clothes because her outfit violated the dress code.

School officials say Schaeffer's top wasn't long enough.

"They are permitted for students as long as they are paired with an appropriate length top and according to our dress code guidelines, the appropriate length is 4 inches from the top of your knee," Alexis Andrianopoulos of the Brandywine School said.

But during the time Action News was at the school, our cameras observed a number of students who may have been in violation of that code.

Action News spoke with parents who say the code isn't fairly assessed.

"I see kids walking out of school and their belly buttons are showing. This poor girl seems to have gotten picked out. Why isn't it consistent across the board?" parent Denice Deming said.

Some parents also say the code is stricter on female students than male students.

But a school spokesperson says the code never addresses gender specifically.

The school claims it is simply trying to teach the young ladies and the young men how to dress appropriately.
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