Local designer behind Chance the Rapper's overalls

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A local designer is the woman behind one of Chance the Rapper's signature styles-his overalls.

Sheila Rashid, a Kenwood Academy graduate and former Columbia student, is making waves in the fashion world. Her designs are being put on full display thanks to Chance the Rapper.

The first question for many is, why overalls?

"It's one of those timeless pieces. When you look at it you can't help but respect it because it was known for the working class back in the day, so it's just one of those things that probably never going to go away," said Rashid.

Her overalls have become a signature look for the home town rapper.

"I spoke with Chance years ago, he been wanting a pair of overalls I just never had the chance to make them for him so when the stylist approached me saying, this was like a week or a week and half before the VMAs, she approached me saying he wanted overalls and he could possibly wear them for the VMAs," she said.

Since the MTV VMA's he's been spotted in her designs in magazines and on Saturday Night Live.

"It's been pretty good a winded up going to New York not too long ago. Got a selfie with Anna Wintour many interviews Vogue Magazine and Billboard stories people been reaching out wanting to know the story how it's been going so it's been good," said Rashid.

Come late summer Rashid plans to launch a new collection and host a fashion show right here in Chicago.

"My dream is to continue to make art. I see my fashion as wearable art. So I want to keep putting out pieces. I'd like to do collaborations with local brands in Chicago, LA, New York, London, anywhere just to get the brand out there," she said.

Rashid said no matter where her dreams take her Chicago will always be home. null
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