Lola & The Boys: Affordable fashion for back to school

Chicago native Irina Ovrutsky went from model to mom, but she still loved fashion and found a void in affordable fashionable kids clothing. She started the website "Lola & the Boys," which is named after her children and features clothing designed by Irina. Her designs are cute, trendy fashions for kids and moms.

She was on WCL in June and Val loves the line so much, we had to have her back to check out her "Back to School" line.

Look 1 - Julian
Boys patch leather jacket - $61.00
Boys Patchwork Jeans - $40.00

Look 2 - Lola
All about the patch vegan leather jacket - $67.00
I love patches dress - $37.00
Mini sequin backpacks - $36.00

Look 3 - Max
Comic Print Hoodie -$32.00
Flash Harem Pants - $26.00

Look 4 - Eva
Denim unicorn - $39.00
Chloe dress - $35.00
Mini sequin backpacks - $36.00

Look 5 - Zoe
Always Dream Black Satin Bomber - $68.00

Look 6 - Shia and Lola
both in the custom patch jackets (something new we're doing)
Customizable patch denim jacket - $45.00
Bam Camo Print Joggers - $28.00

Want to find these and see more? Visit the Lola & the Boys website:

Instagram: @lolaandtheboys

Facebook: Lola + The Boys