Nobody understands why this girl's hair turns different colors in different light


This video of a girl's hair turning different colors in different lighting is blowing up the internet.

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DJ Monopoli just couldn't handle the fact that his girlfriend's hair changed color in different lighting, so he decided to record the transformation on camera. As Sabrina Abu-Obeid walks from the kitchen to the bathroom, her hair changes from purple to a slightly lighter purple.

Or blue to purple, or purple to violet, or violet to pink -- all depending on who you ask in the comments.

The couple, who are full-time vloggers, posted a GIF image of the video to Imgur, which racked up nearly one million views in two days and left people baffled as to how Abu-Obeid's hair instantly changes color so dramatically.

The viral spread of such a seemingly benign video harkens back to #TheDress debate earlier this year, which had audiences divided on whether or not a dress in a photo was either white and gold or black and blue.
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