The Man Makeover Show: Jared Eaton and Michael Webdell

By day, Jared Eaton is a psychologist living in Highland, Indiana. But in December, he transforms into a jolly Santa, including his real beard - spreading joy to kids young and old. That's how Val met him. She saw him at an event, and she thought, "This guy is perfect for the ultimate man makeover." A trip by Jared and his wife Kim to see WCL sealed the deal. Val called him out on the air and it was on.

We had Kim explain his wardrobe to us - slacks and button down shirts for work, and jeans and a t-shirt (or sweatshirt in cold weather) are his go-to looks.

We brought in Jared and gave him a totally new look! Watch to see how his family reacts.

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Man Makeover Show: Jared Eaton and Michael Webdell, Part 2

Then we meet Michael Webdell. He is one of Ryan's friends, and is in real need of a makeover. He works in the advertising business and loves to play music. But his "go-to" look is black t-shirt, jeans, boots and a leather jacket. And he has a lot of them!

Webdell's friends are split - some want him to lose the long hair and beard, others like it. However, he agreed to shed the hair and get a whole new look. He told us about his style and showed us his wardrobe.

Lawrence Zarian had some great things in mind for Michael. See how he looks and how his friends react to the new look.

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Man Makeover Show: Michael Webdell, Part 3

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