Financial infidelity: Secret bank accounts, credit cards could cause tax filing issues for couples

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Valentine's Day is this month and here's a quick tip for couples whose love may be fading when it comes to finances.

According to, 44% of couples are committing what's known as "financial infidelity," which could include hiding a checking, savings or credit card account.

Experts said this can turn into an issue if you're filing tax returns jointly.


  • If you are filing jointly, make sure you both read and sign the return.

  • Don't ignore mail. The IRS mails each spouse a tax return to protect you - both to the same address. Open it, read it and understand it.

  • Don't hide accounts

  • Experts said you should also have joint accounts for essentials and possibly private accounts for other spending - but you should not hide those private accounts.
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