Consumer Countdown: Fake celebrity endorsements

Friday's "Consumer Countdown" features three interesting stories impacting consumers and money.

No. 3

2019 may not be the best year for some people when it comes to credit card payments.

The consumer group says almost 16 percent of Americans, 40 million people, will miss a payment.

The upside: 9 out of 10 people who ask usually get a late fee waived!

No. 2

The Indiana attorney general says you should be suspicious of mailers claiming you won a prize.

The AG says it has filed several lawsuits against companies in the last year, for sending what it calls deceptive mailers. Some claim you won a large prize, but many times they are giving you a low value gift card to get you in the door.

No. 1

The Better Business Bureau has been warning consumers about Fake celebrity endorsements for months, now Kim Kardashian West is calling out fake celeb endorsements on Twitter.

Consumer experts say the questionable companies are using celebrity names, without permission, to rope you into bad deals and "never ending payment plans."
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