Equifax Data Breach: Avoid fake settlement claim scams; Quick Tips from Jason Knowles

Equifax's recent data breach affected nearly 150 million people, and the company agreed to a $700 million settlement that includes a fund for individuals who may have had their personal information exposed.

But scammers are still targeting victims who are trying to file a settlement claim. Consumer Investigator Jason Knowles has tips on how to protect your information.

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Scammers are using fake websites to take advantage of those affected by the massive data breach. Misspellings can serve as a warning that you're on the wrong website.

Here's what to do to make sure you're protected when filing a claim:

First, make sure you're using the Federal Trade Commission's website. You can access it here: www.ftc.gov.

Next, go to this: "file your Equifax claim." Then, click on the big blue button that says "file a claim," and it'll bring you to the Equifax data breach website.

Once you're there, click the green button that says, "File a claim online."

Additional information about the settlement and how to find out whether you are eligible for relief can be found here.
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