Girl buys first lottery ticket on 18th birthday, wins big

Charlie Lagarde (Credit: Loto Quebec via WGHP)

To help celebrate her 18th birthday, Charlie Lagarde bought herself a bottle of sparkling wine and her first-ever lottery ticket at a Quebec convenience store.

When she got home and played the scratch-off, she realized that she had struck it big - she had become a millionaire!

That's because the "Gagnant á vie!" scratch-off she bought was worth $1 million.

Rather than take the lump sum, she chose to receive $1,000 every week for the rest of her life.

It was the first time Legarde had ever played the lottery, officials at Loto Quebec said.

So, how does the newly-minted millionaire plan to spend the cash?

She plans on traveling and exploring her passion for photography.

"One of my dreams would be to work for National Geographic," Lagarde said.
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