Florida bill to make Pulse shooting site a memorial

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The site of one of America's deadliest mass shootings could one day be listed as a national memorial.

That's what two U.S lawmakers representing Florida want to happen reported WKMG.

Monday's announcement came with a lot of emotion, because this site means so much to so many. The legislation talked about could have a big impact on the future of The Pulse Memorial."

Representatives Darren Soto and Stephanie Murphy announcing HR 3094. The legislation introduced in the house last week, calls to recognize the site of the Pulse terror attack as a national memorial.

"This will give this hallowed ground, the federal recognition it deserves. Especially for those who lost everything," said Soto

If passed, the recognition means the memorial could receive both private and public grants and it would be protected by the federal government.

"This is going to be a sanctuary of hope and it's love and not hate," said Mayra Alvear.

The announcement holds a special meaning for Alvear, whose daughter Amanda was one of the 49 lives taken in the terror attack nearly three years ago.

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"Better the community. Better ourselves and honor our children with action. With good action," Alvear said.

The bill also allows for local control of memorial's development. Something Pulse owner Barbara Poma said is key as the community continues to honor the victims and survivors of the mass shooting that altered the lives of so many.

"It really just gives such dignity and respect to what happened here and ensures what I've always wanted that it will never be forgotten long after we're not here to tell the story anymore," Poma said.

Soto said he hopes the legislation will be passed by this point next year. As for the future of this site, Poma said she hopes to break ground on a permanent memorial in 2021.

Wednesday will make three years to the day since the shooting.

The city of Orlando plans to remember the lives lost with a series of events on June 12th.