Folded Map Project: Capturing the division of the city

CHICAGO -- Photographer, activist and Englewood resident Tonika Lewis Johnson has embarked on a new project called "Folded Map."

The idea came to her when she was in high school, traveling from Englewood to Lane Tech High School on the North Side. On the way she noticed the differences in neighborhoods and decided to document them.

She began by photographing the houses in Englewood and comparing them in the same block on the North Side. The images are eye-opening. She took the project further by creating "map twins," bringing together the people who lived in these opposing neighborhoods at approximately the same address and having conversations about it.

"Folded Map" is now being exhibited at the Loyola University Museum of Art at 820 N. Michigan Ave. The exhibit runs through October 20.

For more information about the exhibit:

Johnson is also trying to raise funds to create a permanent online space for the project and expand it.

Click here to visit Tonika's website.

Click here to visit her Kickstarter page.