Alessi presents 'In The Kitchen': Roe Conn

In our "In the Kitchen" segments, we challenge cooks of all walks of life to create a dish using the ingredients we give them. We unveil which ingredients they use at the top of the show and they have to create a dish by the time we get to their segment.

Wednesday's "In the Kitchen" contestant was WCL's Roe Conn, who is also a WGN radio host.

We set out Alessi products that must be used, one protein and some kitchen staples - then Roe worked her magic.

Our friends at Alessi also sent Chef Conn home with a gift basket of goodies. Visit their website for all the Alessi products:

Alessi and Jewel-Osco had a surprise for our viewing audience.

Until 2 a.m. tonight, go to the main page of, click on promotions and go to the WCL Grocery Instant Win contest for your chance at winning one of these great prizes: $50 gift certificate to Jewel-Osco and $175 Alessi gift box.

And you can opt in for a free package of Alessi Farro Beets and Spinach.

Plus one lucky member of our studio audience went home with the Alessi basket of goodies!

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In the Kitchen: WCL's Roe Conn, Part 2

Roe's recipe

1 Box Alessi Organic Linguini 16 oz

2 Boxes Alessi Chopped Tomatoes 17.6 oz

1 Jar Alessi Nonpareille Capers 3.5 oz

1 BTL Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17 oz

1 PKG Alessi Sun Dried Tomatoes 2oz

1 Alessi Mixed Peppercorn Grinder

1 Alessi Sea Salt Grinder

1 Jar Alessi Garlic Puree 4.5 oz

1 Tube Alessi Tomato Paste

1 Large Yellow Onion

1 Large Eggplant

4 Italian Sausages (mild)

1 can of chicken stock

1 bunch of Italian (Flat) Parsley

1 small container of grated parmesan cheese


Stem parsley and chop leaves medium. Place in bowl and set to the side for later.

Peel and chop eggplant into half inch cubes. Spread eggplant on large plate and microwave on high for 10 minutes.

Place sausages in non-stick pan over medium high heat and cook until juice runs clear. Remove from heat and set aside. Do not overcook. They will finish in sauce later.

Chop whole onion medium.

Chop Sundried tomatoes into 1/2 inch pieces

Heat 4 QTS of water in 8 QT pan. Add salt to taste and bring to boil. Add
1 box Alessi Organic Linguini 16 oz. Follow directions on package.

In large saute pan heat 1TBS of Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil until it shimmers.
Add onions and saute until translucent. Mix in 2 TBS Alessi Garlic Puree then add eggplant. Stir to mix all ingredients thoroughly.

Add 2 17.6 oz. boxes of Alessi Chopped Tomatoes and full jar of Alessi capers. Continue stirring and reduce to simmer. As sauce firms up, add chicken stock as needed to loosen consistency so sauce stirs easily. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Slice Italian sausage into chunks and add to sauce. Stir thoroughly and simmer for 5 minutes.

Plate Pasta and cover with sauce. Sprinkle with parmesan any parsley to taste. null