Artango Bar & Steakhouse celebrates its first year in business

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicagoans can celebrate Argentinean culture with food and dance at Artango Bar & Steakhouse in the city's Lincoln Square neighborhood. The restaurant is celebrating its first year in business with special offers for diners.

Katia Alferova and Chef Saul Hernandez visited ABC 7 Chicago with a taste of what makes this business so unique.


Boiled shrimp 8 oz
Roccoto pepper 1/2 teaspoon
Leche de Tigre citrus 5 oz.
Cancha ( Peruvian corn toasted) 4 tbls
cilaNtro 1/2 tbls
Red onion (Julianed) 2 tbls

Diced sweet potato 3.oz

Instruction: combine all ingredients in a bowl mix well. serve topped with onion and cilantro chopped

Leche de Tigre citrus sauce
Lime juice 4 cups
Celery 4 oz
Garlic peeled 2 tbls

Ginger fresh 2oz
Cumin whole (toasted) 2 tbls
Black pepper whole 1 tbls
Red onion 2 oz.
Cilantro 1 oz
Salt to taste

Instruction: In a stainless steel bowl combine all ingredients. Strain null
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