Berwyn's Old Fashioned Candies reopens after fire

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Rising from the ashes is never an easy thing to do, but Old Fashioned Candies in Berwyn did just that. (WLS)

Rising from the ashes is never an easy thing to do. But Old Fashioned Candies in Berwyn did just that.

When you're out of business for almost ten months, a grand reopening is certainly grand. George Brunslik's family - run candy shop was closed by a fire last January.

"I just hope our customers come back. It's been a long time," Brunslik said. "We still make the same candy so I think we'll get them back."

Brunslik, 83, started the business with his wife, Theresa, in 1969. She passed away 11 years ago, but their six children have always been a big part of this homemade chocolate factory.

"Very emotional. You know it's been our life for forty five years and not doing what we always wanted to do was a very big void. So now we're very happy to be back," Lynn White, co-owner Old Fashioned Candies, said.

What makes this reopening so special is that last January Old Fashioned Candies almost went out of business forever. A fire destroyed the bike shop next door and Old Fashioned Candies.

A violent blaze swept through these two buildings this past January 16th and anything that got in its way was gone. How sweet it wasn't.

"We lost everything except for the structure of the building," Sandra Figatner, co-owner, said. "The walls. That's what was left."

But now Old Fashioned Candy is back in business, and customers lined up for a taste of the homemade goods.

"It's just overwhelming. Everyone is so happy we're back. It's good to know we're missed by the community," Donna Greenwalk, co-owner Old Fashioned Candies, said.

Old Fashioned Candies
6210 Cermak Road
Berwyn, IL 60402
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