Chiya Chai brings Indian cuisine, wide array of tea blends to Logan Square

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Logan Square's Chiya Chai brings curries, dumplings, tea and pies to Chicago.

If you spend even a few minutes inside Chiya Chai on Milwaukee Avenue, you'll be struck with the inescapable sounds of steam.

In a place where even the name is all about tea, milk, black tea and a host of spices get the steam treatment pretty much all day.

"Chiya is 'tea' in Nepali, Chai is 'tea' in Hindi, so it's the combination of Nepalese and Hindi words," said owner Swadesh Shrestha.

And that passion for tea is reflected in the monthly classes taught in the back of the restaurant to would-be chai-wallas.

"In India or in Nepal, you typically find masala chai, plain chai, ginger-cardamom chai, but we came up with a lot of different kind of chais," he said.

Cardamom, ginger, clove and cinnamon are the stars, but you could just as well add matcha, caramel or even turmeric to add punch and spice to your tea.

There's also a great food menu, loaded with both the curries, lentils and other veggie-friendly fare you'd find in South Asia and fantastic, handmade, homemade dumplings.

"Dumplings come from Tibet, which is very huge in Nepal," said Shrestha.

Stuffed with several savory options, the dumplings are delicate and mild - unless you opt to add heat.

There's also a savory pie option with dough made from scratch, rolled out and stuffed with items like chicken balti or kale and potatoes.

"Pies have a buttery crust, really flaky and with it, a creamy masala chicken with it," he said. "Kale and potato pie is popular in our café. This is our own creation."

One of their unique, and somewhat addictive, sides is a potato dish that's seasoned with mustard seeds, fried and tossed with a crazy-good sauce containing sesame, sugar and chile.

"A little spicy and has all different kind of flavors to it," said Shrestha of the dish.

So even if you don't consider yourself a fan of traditional Indian food, there is plenty to like here at Chiya Chai.
In Steve's Extra Course Video, he takes a closer look at some of the unique curries they make at Chiya Chai.

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In Steve's Extra Course video, he takes a closer look at some of the unique curries they make at Chiya Chai.

Chiya Chai
2770 N. Milwaukee Ave.
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