Fat Rice offers a new twist on brunch

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Thinking about brunch plans for Sunday? Forget about the standard pancakes and waffles, and instead, consider something with a far Asian twist, like from Macau.

They have a breakfast hash and French toast - just not the kind you're used to.

Brunch at Fat Rice - Chicago's only restaurant featuring both Macanese and Hong Kong-style dishes - means a departure from the usual waffles and bacon.

"Some of the places when we were abroad - in Macau and Hong Kong - some of these items you see in the traditional Cha Cha Tangs, or Hong Kong-style diners, really inspired us," said Adrienne Lo, the co-owner of Fat Rice.

Their French toast is a prime example.

"What they do there is stuff it with peanut butter and then it's deep-fried. So we kind of took it to the next level, we stuff it with peanut butter, we also add banana and then that's deep-fried. We offer it two ways, we offer it with a seasonal jam and fruit; right now we're doing this awesome strawberry jam with sour cherries, blueberries and coconut, then we also offer it with bacon and maple syrup," Lo said.

Another twist: eggs are scattered into hot oil, where they're fried briefly, then plated over the French toast. A Hong Kong accent in the form of sweetened condensed milk, plus some freshly-grated lime zest, and at the table, a side car of coconut cream.

Coconut finds its way into their breakfast hash as well, in the form of coconut rice.

"Essentially it's a pork and beef hash. And what's special about it is they use three kinds of soy sauces in it - a dark, a light and a sweet soy. It's topped with fried potatoes typically cut into crouton size so they're extra-crispy and then typically with a fried egg on it," Lo said.

Plus, some seasonal blanched greens, and the most important thing: mixing it all up at the table, so you get a bit of everything in each bite. Fine teas and Asian-inspired cocktails round things out, and Lo is pleased with the response so far.

"We're excited that people are open to trying different things," Lo said.

So while everybody else in town has their corned beef hash and French toast on their brunch menus, Fat Rice thinks of those two dishes a little bit differently.

The restaurant is now also open for lunch during the week, and they do take reservations. Due to the popularity of both those dishes, they're now also available on the regular lunch menu during the week.

Fat Rice
2957 W. Diversey Ave.
(773) 661-9170

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