Flavors of Albany Park offers multicultural food options

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Albany Park is one of the city's most ethnically diverse neighborhoods.

And ABC 7's Hungry Hound said if you want to get a good taste of it, best to check out the annual Flavors of Albany Park event going on next Wednesday, May 24. Several restaurants are participating.

Albany Park is one of the Hungry Hound's favorite places to eat, because of the sheer variety. Chinese, pizza, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Korean-the United Nations of food, all within a 10 minute walk.

And you can do the same next Wednesday, you just have to come hungry.

The griddle is busy pretty much non-stop at the legendary Lindo Michoacan in Albany Park, the cafe portion of the massive supermarket next door. They're preparing two of the best-known tacos for the tour next week.

"We are going to have the specialty of the business that is going to be carnitas. That is fried pork on tacos, and then we are going to have carne asada on tacos too," Sado Marin, the owner, said.

Down the street, kebabs and Persian dips are the specialty at Noon-O-Kebab, so expect to see a little bit of both.

Just a block away, Kabobi Grill is also participating in the event, offering up Lebanese spreads and sandwiches.

In the busy strip mall just North of Lawrence Avenue, the cooks at Cafe Orient 33 are preparing fried rice, even though they're known more for Korean dishes, and right next door, at Jaafer Sweets, the focus is on kanafeh.

"Kanafeh is a very important dish in the Palestinian world so at every event you would definitely find this. It's basically sweet cheese sandwiched between layers of phyllo dough," said co-owner Hannah Moses Saaydeh.

And of course a healthy amount of sugar syrup. Fatyer is another option they'll be making all day.

"Homemade Custard that we make from scratch and it's sandwiched between layers of phyllo dough as well baked until it's crispy, we drizzle sugar syrup on top, and also dash of pistachios," she said.

Jaafer is known for their baklava, so you can always pick some up on the way through. Moses says this annual event showcases some of the neighborhood's most delicious items.

"Albany Park is a very ethnic neighborhood so this is a chance people get to come over here and sample food from all different places," said Moses Saaydeh.

And in this week's Extra Course, the Hungry Hound takes a look at the unique vegan and gluten-free treat now available at Jaafer Sweets, where he'll be from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. on the 24.

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In this week's Extra Course, the Hungry Hound takes a look at the unique vegan and gluten-free treat now available at Jaafer Sweets

Flavors of Albany Park
May 24, 6 p.m. - 9 pm
Upon arrival, check-in to receive your passport at Golden Crust Pizza & Tap (4620 N. Kedzie Ave.). The event begins promptly at 6 PM and ends at 9 PM. After 9 PM, all attendees (of age) invited to gather at the after-party at Golden Crust Pizza & Tap to grab a drink and enter for a chance to win a bottle of KOVAL, courtesy of the distillery.

Fees are $15 kids (12 and under), $20 students (with valid ID, includes university), $20 seniors (60+), $30 adults in advance. All tickets purchased day-of the event at the registration table are an additional $5.

Lindo Michoacan
4811 N. Kedzie

Jaafer Sweets
4825 N Kedzie Ave
(773) 463-3933

4661 N Kedzie Ave
(773) 279-8899

Cafe Orient 33
4829 N Kedzie Ave
(773) 509-6538

Kabobi Grill
4748 N Kedzie Ave
(773) 583-1400
kabobigrill.com null
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