Grab a milkshake at Conniption in West Town before winter

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Most food carts in Chicago will shut down in the winter time, but diners should try to catch one of them before the season is up.

Conniption is tucked away behind a burger-and-fry joint in the West Town neighborhood and only makes one thing -- milkshakes.

Going into a conniption, or a fit of rage, is not something you want in a business dedicated to childhood pleasure, but this milkshake trailer has other things in mind.

"Conniption is something your mom would say when the two brothers in the back, kicking and screaming she says 'I'm about to have a conniption," said Aaron Feinhandler, the owner of Conniption.

But it also implies nostalgia for Feinhandler, which is why he goes deep into his milkshakes. They start with 10 ounces of vanilla from The Chocolate Shop in Wisconsin, plus exactly three ounces of whole milk, which he measures out using an ice cream scoop like a cocktail jigger.

Blended until rough but smooth, he offers both classics, as well as a few "conniptions" or more creative takes. Go off-menu, and try a classic black-and-white, where he adds a bit of chocolate sauce to half a container of vanilla milkshake, whips it up by hand, then adds the chocolate to the top.

He also offers a Kyoto black coffee, made with a local roaster.

"So basically we use a local cold brew from Edgewater and we put that into a shake with a little bit of chocolate and it's incredible," he said.

"Sometimes there are a few chunks in there, and I let it slide, because I really like the idea of people stumbling on a chunk of vanilla ice cream."

His Oreo contains just a small amount of peanut butter.

"And that translates to a fantastic shake," he said.

One of the challenges for a shake maker is getting the consistency right. Feinhandler thinks he's found nirvana.

"They say, 'I don't want to be able to drink it through the straw,' some say 'it better resemble the viscosity of milk.' My goal is to provide a shake that's in the middle. My motto is thick but drinkable," he said.

The plan is to stay out here on the patio, at least through Thanksgiving and that is weather-permitting of course. They do plan to have a couple of warm desserts like churros, but honestly, when you come here, gotta come for the milkshakes.

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CONNIPTION SHAKES (behind Flip Burger)
1141 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago

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