Healthier hot dogs for the 4th of July

People in Chicago love hot dogs. In 2015, six million packages of hot dogs were purchased in Chicago between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That's 36 packs every minute. But there are ways of making our guilty pleasure far less guilty and healthy too!

Fitness and Nutrition Expert Ashley Pettit joins WCL with some great choices for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday, or for whenever you're grilling this summer.

The best thing to do is choose a cleaner wiener, and Applegate's Natural Beef Hot Dogs are made from 4 simple ingredients. No artificial ingredients at all. And we have some great ideas for toppings:

Ashley brings a twist of her own by creating a dog with a little heat by adding grilled onion, jalapenos and salsa.

The chili dog is a classic, and Ashley shows us how to make it healthier.

There's also the Bunless Banh Mi Dog

For more hot dog recipes, head to the Applegate website.

For more information on all of Applegate's healthy products, head to their website.

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Ashley's healthier take on coleslaw.

Ashley's healthier take on potato salad.