McDonald's Empowers Women

CHICAGO -- This segment produced with and sponsored by McDonald's.

Around the world, people celebrated International Women's Day Friday, but one Chicagoland brand, McDonald's, celebrates women year-round by teaching them the skills to achieve their future careers, whether at McDonald's or elsewhere.

Tanya Lawrence, a second generation McDonald's Owner/Operator dropped by along with Taylor Porter, a future McDonald's Owner/Operator.

McDonald's and its independent owner/operators are proud to support women and have helped many women advance their career and education dreams, through jobs at McDonald's. In the Chicagoland area, approximately 20% of McDonald's locations are independently owned and operated by women. Today, 27 of Chicagoland's 92 independent owner/operators are women.

Nationally, 29 percent of McDonald's U.S. owner/operators are women.

Women own a combined 3,813 McDonald's restaurants which account for more than $100M in sales.

McDonald's network of women is made up of a diverse and inclusive group of women owner/operators advocating for the financial success, growth and professional leadership of their members.

Among the topics discussed, McDonald's Archways to Opportunity program which provides eligible U.S. employees an opportunity to earn a high school diploma, receive upfront college tuition assistance, access free education/career advising services and learn English as a second language. These programs give restaurant employees an opportunity to grow and learn - no matter where they are on their educational journey. All programs are available to McDonald's employees and the employees of participating independent franchisees.

Taylor is part of the "Where You Want To Be" Campaign. In 2018, McDonald's announced the launch of its "Where You Want To Be," which is a concerted effort by the company to help restaurant employees connect the skills they learn on the job with the education, tuition assistance and career tools available to take the next step in their professional journey - whether at McDonald's or elsewhere.

Dennis Cha, is a Chicagoland McDonald's Owner/Operator. He is also Taylor's mentor and surprised her with flowers.