New beer to raise money for Iowa flood victims

QUAD CITIES, Iowa -- Two Iowa breweries are pouring up a new IPA to benefit local flood victims.

Radicle Effect Brewerks and Great River Brewery wanted to create a pour with a purpose, KWQC reports.

The two businesses came up with a brown rye IPA called "Levee Breach Rye-It."

The name stems from a failed levee that sent floodwaters from the Mississippi river into downtown Davenport in May, known locally as the "Flood of '19."

The flood waters caused several businesses to close due to the damage, including Great River Brewery.

"We put a lot of rye into it and we hopped it up and the reason why we made it brown is to kind of represent how muddy the Mississippi is, you know, that levee breach and how it affected the businesses down there. It was just kind of murky looking," said Rich Nunez, owner of Radicle Effect Brewerks.

Whenever a customer buys a "Levee Breach Rye-It", the money will be donated to a local business affected by the flood.

Great River Brewery said they hope to reopen by Oktoberfest.