Sunda celebrates 10 years of Southeast Asian cuisine

For 10 years, Sunda New Asian has been serving up Southeast Asian dishes with a modern flair. To celebrate Sunda's culinary achievements, the restaurant is throwing a big party at its River North location. Part of the ticket proceeds will benefit Camp One Step, for kids battling cancer.
Event Information:

Date: Saturday, May 18
Hours: Noon (Island Style Pig Roast), 2 pm (Sushi Rolling Class), 5 pm (Vegan Feast)
Address: 110 West Illinois, Chicago, IL 60654
Admission/Ticket Prices: $45 (kids are half price for the Pig Roast only)


Recipe: Shaking Beef from Sunda's 10 Year Anniversary Greatest Hits Menu

Lime Pepper Sauce Ingredients:

Cup -Ground black peppercorn
Cup - Minced Garlic
1 Cup - 3-crab Fish Sauce
1 Gallon - Fresh squeezed lime juice
2 Cup - Brown Sugar

"Shaking" Beef Ingredients:

Canola oil - 3 oz
Beef Tenderloin - 6 oz (cut into 1 inch cubes)
Salt and Pepper - 2 oz
Watercress - 1 oz (Cleaned and trimmed)
Frisee - 1 oz (Cleaned)
Radish - oz (sliced)
Pepper/Lime Sauce - 3 oz


Lime Pepper Sauce - Method:

Mix all ingredients in blender until all sugar is dissolved

Shaking Beef - Method:

Season beef with Salt and Pepper. Go heavy on the black pepper.

Heat oil in wok till just before smoke point

Place beef in wok. Sear all sides

"Shake" the wok to move the beef around and get nice sear

In a mixing bowl, mix together radish, frisee and watercress

Remove the beef and all juices from wok into mixing bowl with greens.

In a rectangular plate: place the greens on the bottom as a bed

Place beef on bed of greens

Place pepper/lime sauce on the side for dipping
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