Sweet treats tucked away in Glenview appliance store

GLENVIEW, Ill. (WLS) -- The legendary Abt TV and Appliance in north suburban Glenview has added a serious candy store inside, partly as a way to lure kids but also the kid inside every one of us.

For decades Abt has been evolving to meet its customers' needs. The store boasts gourmet kitchens, home theaters and fancy watch stores, but more recently a New York-based candy store. It's tucked away inside, meant as a beacon for the kids, but this time of year it's also the place to load up on trick-or-treats.

If the sours, gummies and sugary ribbons didn't give it away, you'd think this was just another store inside the massive Abt. After all, they manage to pack in more TVs, appliances and other goodies into their store, but seeing a Dylan's Candy Bar mixed in among the Tumi bags and Apple products seems odd at first.

"If you've never been to Abt, we're all about the experience here. All sorts of experiences. We serve chocolate chip cookies on the weekends, we have cooking demonstrations when people are testing out appliances," said John Abt.

And they want the kids entertained while mom and dad decide whether or not to buy that new 4K TV. This weekend there are lots of options for Halloween trick-or-threat bags, obviously, but year-round they offer quite a few other items, including a wall of vintage candies that people of a certain age will recall fondly - in between visits to the dentist.

"Dylan's has a whole selection of pre-packaged goods that fall under the Dylan's brand name and they're most well-known for their chocolates," Abt said.

Especially their chocolate bars, which contain all sorts of flavors like Belgian dark chocolate with sea salt for the purists, to the more experimental like pizza or chocolate popcorn. Abt said the store, which is much smaller than the other location on Michigan Avenue in River North, has plenty of diversions, nooks and crannies, which fits into the store's overall theme.

"It's definitely part of our kid's attraction, along with the fountain we have here, the fish tank, all sorts of fun things for kids," said Abt.

Dylan's Candy Bar
inside Abt Electronics Store
1200 N. Milwaukee Ave., Glenview


Dylan's Candy Bar - River North:
445 N Michigan Ave, Chicago
(312) 702-2247

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