Former Las Vegas police officer sentenced to life in prison for sex abuse

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- An ex-Las Vegas police officer was given 25 life sentences in a child sex abuse case.

Former Metro police officer Bret Theil came face to face with his victim in court as she recounted the sex abuse he put her through from the time she was an 8-years-old girl until she was 18-years-old.

The now 21-year old woman spoke of the abuse as Theil calmly looked at her.

"I was turned into a human pet. With my voice silenced and my pride kept under wraps," the woman described.

Theil's defense attorney Craig Mueller told District Court Judge Stefany Miley all the charges against his client were a lie and maintained Theil was an innocent man.

"She's lying. She has been lying. These accusations did not happen at any time. Any man can be accused by a woman and if the jury believes then he loses his life," Mueller said.

Prosecutors say Theil forced the girl into more than 50 sexual encounters. They also said that some of the sex acts happened in Theil's friend's bathroom.

Police records revealed Theil often used police issued handcuffs and secured the girl to a bed as he yelled at her. He then would force her to do sex acts.

Theil's victim stressed to the court she was not lying and all the crimes happened to her.

"This is the truth and if anyone wants to be blind to that truth that is their choice."

Theil's attorney argued police detectives helped the victim make up these claims of abuse.

"This is a bad case. This reminds me exactly of the Salem witch hunts," Mueller said.

The victim said she still lives with the nightmare of Theil physically and emotionally hurting her.

"I have to live with it for the rest of my life. I can't count the nights I spent sobbing, scratching at my skin," the victim said.

Judge Miley sentenced Theil to life in prison on 28 counts of sexual assault, kidnapping, and child abuse. The former metro police officer stood still with no reaction.

Theil will be up for parole in 323 years.