Lincoln Park Zoo welcomes endangered Francois' langur infant

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Thursday, February 9, 2017
wls-Julia Fuller / Lincoln Park Zoo

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Visitors might notice a striking new face at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

The bright orange infant, an endangered Francois' langur, was born on Feb. 6 and is now on exhibit at the zoo's Helen Brach Primate House.

Infants are born a bright orange color, which scientists think encourages other females in the group to take care of them. After three to six months, their fur turns black with white markings.

Keepers are not sure about the sex or measurements of the infant, because the newborn is clinging closely to mom. The infant has not been given a name yet.

Francois' langurs are native to southern China, northern Vietnam and west-central Laos, where they are endangered due to habitat degrading and hunting.

The infant is the seventh baby of Pumpkin and Cartman, a breeding pair part of the Francois' Langur Species Survival plan at the zoo.

Julia Fuller / Lincoln Park Zoo