Men imitate George Floyd's killing during Black Lives Matter protest in New Jersey

FRANKLINVILLE, N.J. -- Peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters said they were met with insults and offensive displays while marching through Franklinville, New Jersey on Monday.

As Russell Sampson marched in a peaceful protest in his hometown of Franklinville, he captured a video of man kneeling on the back of another's neck; imitating the way in which George Floyd was killed.

"That was a real person, yes. That was willing to get down and show such hate," said Sampson.

Monday's peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest was organized by Daryan Fennal. While it wasn't a large gathering, it made an impact especially online.

"What goes viral is all the negativity, like this video that came out and is shared thousands of times. I want to share that ultimately the intentions were pure and we were all about unity," says Daryan Fennal.

One of the men participating in the counter protest is a New Jersey Department of Corrections Officer.

The NJDOC has since suspended the officer pending investigation and released this statement:

"We have been made aware that one of our officers from Bayside State Prison participated in the filming of a hateful and disappointing video that mocked the killing of George Floyd. The individual has been suspended from their post and banned from NJDOC facilities pending a thorough and expedited investigation."

Sampson says it's another reason why speaking up, marching and protesting is essential.

"With this individual being a corrections officer, he's facilitating over other minorities and prisoners who are minorities. So, we can only imagine what type of injustice they may be facing every day. That they can not speak on. We need to be their voice," said Sampson.

FedEx has identified one of their employees was also involved in the video. They have also been suspended pending investigation.

FedEx releasing this statement:

"The behavior depicted in the video, which involved a FedEx employee, is appalling and offensive. The employee in question was immediately removed from all FedEx work duties while our investigation is concluded and all internal procedures are followed. A diverse and inclusive workforce is at the heart of our business, and we stand with those who support justice and equality."

There is another Black Lives Matter protest scheduled in Franklinville on Saturday at 11 a.m.

ABC7 Chicago's sister station in Philadelphia made several attempts to reach the counter protesters seen in the video but has not received a response.
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