Colorado business offers 'buy a roof, get a free AR-15' promotion

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
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A Colorado business owner is promoting a new deal where you get a free AR-15 with the purchase of a new roof.

DENVER, Colo. -- After many people in Colorado got hit with hail damage this summer, a Denver roofing company is looking to outgun its competition - literally.

"There are over 2,000 roofing companies that come to Colorado," said James Webb, owner of Weatherproof Roofing.

Webb said it is imperative to stand out, so he is with a new promotion: buy a roof, get a gun - an AR-15.

"We are the only roofing company in the country that is offering this we figured we take a stand on what we believe," Webb said.

The promotion runs until October 1. While he knows it's controversial, he's hardly the first to do it. Ted Cruz offered a free gun if you signed up on his website earlier this year.

"We help people protect the outside, and now we empower people to protect the inside," Webb said.

KDVR reports that opinions were mixed among people on the street.

"I actually think its absolutely terrible," one person said.

"This is America, we have the right to own a gun if we want," someone else said.

Gun control advocate Representative Rhonda Fields said she wishes businesses would behave more responsibly.

"It's very troublesome to me that someone would want to increase business by offering an incentive to get a new roof by getting a gun," she said.

Webb said he understands some have a different view, and is kindly requesting they get a roof elsewhere.

"That's fine. There are lots of other roofing companies out there," he said.