Get paid $2K to play video games with friend

Monday, May 31, 2021
Get paid $2K to play video games with friend
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You and a friend can earn $2,000 for playing video games together.

If someone told you you could earn money playing video games, but you had to play for 21 hours, and you could only pick one friend to help you do it, who would it be?

Really, it's a serious question.

Frontier Bundles, an internet provider, is offering $2,000 to two pals willing to play 21 hours of video games together and report back on their experience.

The company wants to know if people do better playing solo or with someone on their side, CNN reported.

Snacks are also included.

It's a fun way to celebrate some big games coming out this year like "Resident Evil Village" and "Mario Golf: Super Rush."

There are also some significant video game anniversaries this year as "Donkey Kong" turns 40 and "The Legend Of Zelda" turns 35. "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Street Fighter II" also both turn 30.

If you want to cash in while you game, there's more information on the Frontier Bundles website.