Gary Oldman getting Oscar buzz for 'Darkest Hour' performance

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Oscar buzz is getting stronger about actor Gary Oldman's performance as Winston Churchill in "Darkest Hour."

ABC 7's Janet Davies talked to the actor about this epic movie that opens in Chicago next Friday.

Janet Davies: 'How do you view him growing up and school and through your adult life until you portrayed him?"

Gary Oldman: "He's our hero, isn't he, he's our savior..."

Davies: "The first time you looked in the mirror with it all on, were you taken aback?"

Oldman: "Yeah, and the makeup, it was so good that people who would visit the set, you could be an inch from my face and you could not see where I start and it ends or where it ends and I start, so people were quite staggered."

Davies: "Was it important to have his heirs, his family sign off on it?"

Oldman: "Yeah, they got there, there was 14 of them and they had a blast and since the screening of the movie for them they've come out and said yeah I've got him right so it's always good to know."

Davies: "How are you reacting to all this Oscar buzz about this and you?"

Oldman: "Nothing to complain about, someone saying you may get an Oscar, things could be worse."
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