Chicago area sees a drop in gas prices

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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The Chicago area has seen a drop in gas prices.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- The rush is on as drivers fill up on low gas prices in the Chicago area.

"A van this big. We can fill it up for cheap. That's awesome," said David Mazzolini, motorist.

The price of fuel recently dipped below $3 in some suburbs, the lowest level in 18-months.

The lowest prices were outside of Cook County and averaged $2.61 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

According to AAA, the same gas in surrounding counties cost even less. Here are the numbers:

$2.17 - Will County

$2.18 - Lake County

$2.19 - DuPage County

$2.21 - Kane County

$2.22 - McHenry County

Drivers took advantage of the prices.

"I've heard the gas prices are lowest over here and I traveled down Route 59 to get here. Save a little bit of money," said Kurt Lindquist.

The dip marks a big difference from May 2011, when Illinois recorded its highest average price of $4.31.

The falling gas prices even turned up at this Costco in west suburban Naperville. Gas at the members-only warehouse was going for a mere $1.82.

"Four or 5 years ago, we had near $4 to this. This is great for me. It's like getting a raise," said Bill Liesse.

The price reduction also had motorists in north suburban Lincolnshire flocking to local gas stations.

So what's behind the drop?

Patrick DeHaan, a petroleum analyst with, says the declining gas prices are a combination of low seasonal demand, concerns about the economy and U.S. sanctions against Iran.

"All these issues have really resulted in pushing down oil prices 25% since October and that's why you're spending less at the pump," DeHaan said.

Experts warn the unusually low prices won't last forever. With oil prices rebounding, more realistic gas prices could be just around the corner.

"I'm enjoying this while I can. I never thought I'd see prices this low again," said Carolyn Eisemon.