Gazpacho to cool off this summer

CHICAGO (WLS) -- When the temperatures rise, you need something to help cool you off. And a traditional Spanish soup, known as gazpacho, is perfect for the summer months. Café Central in Highland Park offers a wide range of dishes, including gazpacho, to satisfy any palate. Adam Nieto, the manager of Café Central, joined ABC 7 to show how his restaurant creates this popular summer dish.

Cafe Central Gazpacho Recipe

Serves 6

- 4 whole cucumbers
- 2oz onion
- 2oz jicama
- 3oz olive oil
- 5 whole tomatoes
- 1tbs tomato paste

- 1 clove garlic
- Pinch of paprika
- 5oz tomato juice
- 1/2 lime
- Salt and pepper to taste

Fine sieve

1. Peel the cucumbers
2. Chop cucumbers, onion, tomatoes, garlic and jicama into smaller pieces.
3. Put into blender, blend.
4. Add olive oil, tomato juice, tomato paste, lime and continue to blend.
5. Pour and press through sieve.
6. Serve in chilled bowls.
7. Garnish with olive oil drizzle and chopped cucumber.
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