"We'll continue to clean up our mess," volunteers and protesters on West side cleanup surrounding neighborhoods

CHICAGO, IL (WLS) -- A number of volunteers from the West and South side communities rolled up their sleeves to sweep up the remains of shambles from looted businesses Monday afternoon. This comes after two days of looting in Chicago neighborhoods during the George Floyd peaceful protests.

"You know if we truly need to do what we need to do to stand injustice for the black lives matter movement, that's what we have to do and we'll continue to clean up our mess," said volunteer Kiara Felfle.

"We are making sure we are visibly assisting and standing in solidarity with black community members, black owned businesses, so that people see Latinos out of our homes and physically put our work into action," said activist Janeida Rivera.

Rivera has been an activist in the Humboldt Park community for over 10 years. Rivera and three other organizations such as Dish Roulette, along with Healthy Hood Chicago and People Church, gathered to clean hard hit places like Kedzie Plaza.

Before they headed out with their brooms and buckets, they took a knee and did a prayer for George Floyd and other lives lost in the hands of police.

Volunteers drove to neighborhood hubs and streets to see if business owners or community members needed help with clean up.

The volunteers' actions is in response to Alderman Walter Burnett's request when asked how the Latino community can help.

The alderman of the 27th ward pleaded that the community not loot local businesses.

"I was four years old in 68 when they burnt up the west side. And it's taken 26 years of my life time to be able to try to help to almost get it build back up. We cannot tear it down, we cannot tear it down the future of these young people," said Ald. Burnett.

"if this is what is going to help us and brings us together as a community, and as people. Then so be it, but we'll continue to clean up," said Felfle.

The organizations involved with the cleanup say they will doing so until the end of the protests.
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