Newsviews: DCFS Director George Sheldon

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services works to protect some of the state's most vulnerable residents: children who have been abused or neglected.

However, CDFS has dealt with its own trouble in recent years including concerns about children being moved from placement to placement, having to wait for services and worker caseloads.

When George Sheldon became the director last year, he was the seventh person to head the department in five years.

Sheldon spoke with ABC7 about how things stand today and what changes are in the works.




- To report abuse and neglect, call 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873)

- To learn more about how to become a foster parent, visit

- To become an adoptive parent, visit the Illinois Center for Adoption and Permanency's website at or call 312-346-1516.