Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker fractures leg, spokeswoman says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker is recovering after fracturing his left femur, according to a spokeswoman.

Under doctors' orders, Gov. Pritzker will be resting for the next four to six weeks to recover from the hairline fracture, said Emily Bittner, the governor's deputy chief of staff for communications.

Pritzker will stay fully engaged in conducting the business of the state with the help of his staff and agency leaders.

Apart from the injury, Pritzker is in good spirits as well as "good physical health," Bittner said in a statement Thursday.

The governor isn't certain what caused the injury, but said he's been experiencing knee pain for several weeks. The injury worsened after attending public events where Pritzker stood or walked long distances, Bittner said.

Pritzer's injury won't require surgery.
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