Community Table serves up classy meals for people in need

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ByJudy Hsu via WLS logo
Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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People in need can get a nice meal from the Greater Chicago Food Depository's Community Table.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Greater Chicago Food Depository's Community Table is more than just a soup kitchen.

The Community Table gives people in need an opportunity to dine with dignity on the South Side by serving up "restaurant-style" meals for nearly a decade.

Recently, music played and white linens draped tables at Fellowship Baptist Church, where volunteers served meals to those less fortunate.

"It's a great example about how a soup kitchen should operate," said Nicole Robinson, vice president of Community Impact at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. "It's a meal that people love and actually our volunteers serve everyone. No one stands in line. People actually come take their order, ask them what they want and serve it to them. Which is really the respect and dignity that people want to have and receive."

Fellowship Baptist Church is one of 700 partnerships with the Greater Chicago Food Depository serving up more than 200 meals a week to those that need it most.

"The food is good the spirit is good and the people are nice," said Sheila Miller, who was there for a meal.

"The staff and team here of volunteers are great. This is how we make this happen when we think about food insecurity many of our neighbors don't know where their next meal is coming from, they can turn to a soup kitchen just like this one," said Robinson.

Volunteers Joann Strickland said she takes great pride in serving the community.

"Sometimes I sit down with the people and I talk to them while they are eating and you know everyone has a story and I think they love that because you know we are all equal and we are all right here together and I think that's what they love so much," Strickland said.

"I'm connected to these people so if I can help them and serve them I do it in glory, I do it in love," Strickland said.

ABC7's "Share the Joy" campaign this month encourages people to donate to those in need. For more information, click here.