Gunshot victim wheelchairs 700 miles to raise awareness about gun violence

Vincent Robinson is gunshot survivor who made a personal plea to stop violence by pushing himself over 700 miles in a wheelchair from Atlanta to Chicago in an effort to stop the violence.

In November 1992, Robinson was 20 years old when he was shot in Atlanta. The shooting kept him in a coma for months. During that time, he developed a gangrene infection and, as a result, his legs were amputated.

Robinson traveled between 10-15 miles a day, chronicling his journey on Facebook and picking up many supporters along way. He refused to let a six-day hospital stay deter this remarkable journey and fought through his recovery pushing against the wind and through the cold.

Robinson's journey began over 50 days ago at the Georgia State Capitol. He completed the trip at St. Sabina Church in Chicago on Saturday.