Job seekers beware: 'skeletal resumes', 'being wicked', 'hiding behind an online cape'; not just a scary Halloween tale

Don't be fooled this Halloween. Job seekers should beware and avoid "scary" search mistakes. Jessica Schaeffer with the LaSalle Network in Chicago breaks it all down.

Skeletal resumes. Sending a resume and cover letter that's bare-bones and generic is the fastest way to land in a hiring manager's "no" pile. Customize your resume for every job you're applying to.

Staying in the dark. Regardless of your time spent in the workforce, you should be reaching out to industry professionals or employees of the companies you're applying to, to gain insider knowledge on how to succeed in both the company and industry you're targeting.

Not sharing the thrill. When looking for a job, candidates should tell everyone they know, friends, family, friends' parents, etc. Even if their companies aren't hiring, these people may know someone who can help. It's important that job seekers don't overlook the obvious.

Not getting into character. It's scary how many people go on an interview but didn't research how that department operates or what it produces. A great example is someone interviewing for a marketing role who has no sense of the company's marketing campaigns or awards it has won. You should research the role and be ready as if you're starting that day.

Being wicked. People vent during an interview and don't realize they're doing it. You should never bash previous employers or articulate any hint of frustrations during an interview. It shows poor judgment and poor attitude.

Not looking to the past. You should ask yourself what your previous co-workers are doing now. You should be reaching out to your college guidance counselors or professors. Anyone, from any stage of your career, can help you build or expand a network.

Spooked by change. Candidates pass up great opportunities because they have blinders on during the job hunt regarding a specific job type, title, pay, etc. One of the biggest blinders, however, is education. Someone with a history major can be a great salesperson. Don't let your degree limit you.

Hiding behind an online cape. This seems basic, but so many people think they're invisible online. Whether it's an overly aggressive comment or an inappropriate picture, if you have even the slightest hesitation about posting something, don't do it or make it private.
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