Hangover cures in time for holidays from health expert Stephanie Mansour

CHICAGO (WLS) -- If you didn't take preventative measures to avoid a hangover, and find yourself in a bind the next day, there are a few tips and tricks to cure a hangover.

Health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by ABC7 to share her favorite hangover remedies.

Instead of coffee and sports drinks, stick with water, coconut water and even watermelon water. Water and electrolytes are what's needed to help replenish your body after a few too many drinks. Coffee can dehydrate you, and many sports drinks have added sugar, which won't help you to find your body's balance.

When nausea hits, ginger bites, peppermint tea and even over the counter anti-nausea pills are great.

For breakfast, eggs are your best friend. They're full of amino acids, which boost liver function - exactly what you need after forcing your liver to process alcohol the night before. Bananas and leafy greens are also a great bet as they're full of potassium.

If the last thing you feel like doing is sweating it out at the gym, try the standing forward fold. Standing up, slowly bend at your waist and fold forward. Allow your head to dangle, and allow your chin to reach for your chest. Hold on to opposite elbows, and stay here for at least 60 seconds. This yoga forward fold releases tension in the neck and head, and also helps to regulate blood pressure. It's especially good if you have a headache. If you sway a little side to side too, then you'll help to massage the internal organs, which can need some detoxing after a long night!

For more from Stephanie Mansour, visit her website at StepItUpWithSteph.com.
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