Harvey Weinstein 'bragged about his ability to get people killed,' prosecutors say

New York prosecutors late Friday said that multiple people told them convicted rapist and formerly powerful Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein "bragged about his ability to get people killed."

The explosive allegation concludes a newly filed sentencing memo from prosecutors in which they ask for Weinstein to receive a "lengthy prison sentence" at next Wednesday's sentencing in Manhattan court.

He could get up to nearly three decades for rape and forcible sex act convictions, although authorities are not requesting a specific time behind bars.

Weinstein's Chicago legal team has not yet filed their sentencing memo that they say will ask for a far more merciful sentence based on the ex-producer's age, health and lack of criminal background.

In the government's sentencing paperwork, Weinstein is accused - in graphic details - of dozens of sexual attacks, violent outbursts and crude verbal assaults against women and men "starting in the 1970's." The alleged incidents, targeting actresses, industry executives, productions workers, acquaintances, friends of friends, assistants and sometimes strangers, offer a damning insight to what prosecutors contend was Weinstein's world.

Weinstein was not charged in those cases but prosecutors are given wide legal latitude at the sentencing of criminal defendants to describe their alleged character and patterns of aberrant behavior in an attempt to obtain the most severe punishment.

Although famously associated with sexual misconduct against women, including a waitress, a masseuse and a reporter, Weinstein is also described in the new document as badgering, berating and on occasion, battering men.

"In 2015, defendant threatened to punch a board member and said he would kill him," prosecutors stated.

"On another occasion, defendant told the board member that he would send someone to his office to cut off his genitals with gardening shears," they said.

At an Election Day party in 2000, according to one witness quoted by prosecutors, Weinstein attacked a working reporter - grabbed him "by the neck, pulled him outside into the street, told him he was going to kick his ass, then put him in a headlock and struck him in the head."

Late Friday, Weinstein's Chicago attorney Damon Cheronis told the ABC7 I-Team that the defense sentencing memo will be filed Monday.

"The range right now is a minimum of five and a maximum of 29, so you know our position is that he was acquitted of the two most serious counts," Cheronis said in an interview with the I-Team after the trial. "People can say what they want about Harvey Weinstein, but he's done a lot of wonderful things for charities for AIDS research, you know, donated a ton of his time and money. We want the court to be fair and sentencing, we don't know if that's going to happen."
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