Boston Marathon survivor takes her first steps after leg amputation

HOUSTON -- In Rebekah DiMartino's mind, the Boston bombers failed in everything they were trying to do.

"It's crazy because they wanted to destroy people and their spirits," DiMartino says. "All this has done is make me want to change the world."

DiMartino's world was changed when a bomb went off just 10 feet away from her at the Boston Marathon. After 17 painful surgeries, she made the tough decision to have her leg amputated in November.

With her mom and son by her side, DiMartino took her first steps on a prosthetic leg Wednesday.

"It's been very difficult for my whole family through this, and I'm just so happy to get to this next step," DiMartino says, "because they can live and breathe a little now, knowing that I'm not going to go through constant surgery and constant pain."

Now, there's no stopping her. DiMartino's mother Tina Gregory embroidered the word 'blessed' on a piece of fabric that will go on the outside of the new prosthetic leg.

"That sums it up," Gregory says. "We are blessed."

DiMartino is training to run the Boston Marathon again in April 2015 -- this time, with her new leg.

"For me to be that close to something that could have destroyed me," DiMartino says, "it only allowed me to be stronger."
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