Chicago-based mission caring for Ebola orphans in Africa

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago-based mission is working to safeguard children against contracting Ebola in Liberia.

Dave Dionisi returned to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport Saturday from Liberia. He is the founder of Franciscan Works Liberia Mission, an organization that cares for orphans of the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Dionisi recently helped care for 30 children. He says none of them contracted the virus.

"Some of these kids, they've lost everyone, not just their mom and dad, you know their brothers, their sisters," he said. "They're the only survivor. And the needs are tremendous. Even the Liberian people are afraid to go near these kids."

Dionisi says those children will reconnect with other family members at the Liberia Mission on Tuesday.

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