Children especially vulnerable to flu this season

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Parents need to remain vigilant about the flu symptoms their children are showing during 2018?s particularly severe flu season, health professional say. (WLS)

Parents need to remain vigilant about the flu symptoms their children are showing during 2018's particularly severe flu season, health professional say.

Six-year-old London Smith and her mom April House visited the doctor's office for a follow up checkup Wednesday.

"It's really scary. She's really small, so she's kind of scared of the hospital experience," House said, looking at her daughter. "And I don't want to take her, but it's just like trying to get to what's best for her."

Smith is out of school today like all kids at Aurora's Holy Angels Catholic School. It's closed for the rest of the week because of flu.

London has been in the hospital twice in the past few weeks because of her asthma.

"They gave me some yucky medicine before I eat my breakfast," the 6-year-old said.

And that makes it even more dangerous if she catches the flu.

"Even when she was seen at the hospital, they were thinking that along with her having a hard time breathing that maybe the flu was the cause," House said.

In the past few days, three more kids have died from flu. The total this season now in the mid-to-high 50s. This is what Northwestern Children's Practice pediatrician Scott Goldstein says you need to look for.

"Parents need to worry when their child looks really sick to them. If they look like they're having trouble breathing. If they can't stop coughing to catch their breath, if they're not able to eat or drink. Those are concerning signs," Goldstein said.

He added that you have to remember, "The vast majority of kids who get the flu are going to be a little sick for a few days or not feel very good for a few days, but they'll recover just fine."

And for the advisor to President Trump who says inoculate yourself with the Lord instead of a flu shot, House has some strong words.

"God gave us medicine, he did. He gave us doctors, he gave us hospitals. So take the flu shot. Whatever it is that you can do to help yourself, I think you should. And I think that the flu shot is just necessary," House said.
Goldstein says all children are regarded as at risk for complications from flu so if someone is sick with the flu in your house, talk to your doctor about putting the rest of the kids on Tamiflu to potentially keep them from getting sick.

There is also is still time to get the flu shot.
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