Colorado parents on alert for pot candy this Halloween

DENVER -- Parents in Colorado are being told to look out for marijuana in candy this Halloween all because of the state's new pot laws.

Denver police have released a public service announcement, alerting parents about the potential trick- or-treating risk.

The announcement features a marijuana merchant describing some of the products he has on his shelves and how easily that edible pot can be mistaken for a piece of candy.

"The problem is some of these products look so similar to candy that's been on the market that we've eaten as children," the merchan said. "There's really no way for a child or a parent, or anybody, even an expert in the field, to tell you whether a product is infused or not."

Authorities say the threat is rare, but real.

Last year, some children in Canada ended up in the emergency room after eating lollipops laced with synthetic marijuana.

Officials say parents should inspect all candy, and that kids should never eat anything from a homemade bag.
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