Family looking for 4-year-old's lost wheelchair

PORTLAND, OR -- The Shepherdson family is asking for help finding their daughter's lost wheelchair.

Their daughter, Hannah, has a muscular condition that prevents her from walking. The 4-year-old relies on her wheelchair to get around.

"We had borrowed (the wheelchair) from a different family that was kind enough to let her use it," Hannah's mother said. "We were hoping to pass it on when Hannah grew out of it."

A relative was bringing the wheelchair home on Friday afternoon when he realized the tailgate of his truck was down and things had been falling out. The family believes the wheelchair rolled out as well.

"We had to tell it fell out of his truck and she was of course very upset," Hannah's mother said.

KOIN reports that it's a child's size, Panthera Micro lightweight manual wheelchair that's royal blue and black with a sparkle/sequin seat belt strap.

"She's depending on us, and she really has to wait on us, you know to come and get her and pick her up and everything, so it's really important that we get it back," Hannah's mother said.

Hannah's uncle created this GoFundMe page, with hopes of getting Hannah a new wheelchair.
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