Local nurses step up Ebola training

MAYWOOD, Ill. (WLS) -- Loyola University Medical Center has been ramping up its Ebola efforts since August, and the latest news of a Dallas nurse infected after treating victim Thomas Eric Duncan, has this hospital and many more in the Chicago area making sure their doctors and nurses are protected, especially when it comes to wearing protective gear.

"We're using buddy system to endure people know how to put appropriate put equipment take off," says Karen Anderson of Loyola University

Removing the equipment is the focus of the Centers for Disease Control investigation into how nurse Nina Pham contracted Ebola. The CDC says the 26-year-old Dallas nurse did wear the mandated mask, gown, shield and gloves.

"If it is contaminated," said Dr. Tom Friedan, director of the CDC, "there is a possibility that a worker will contaminate themselves and become infected in the process."

At this point, the CDC will only say a breach of protocol is to blame for the nurse becoming infected with Ebola. In the meantime, the CDC is calling on every hospital in the country to think about the virus. Yesterday in California, the country's largest nurses association, National Nurses United is calling for more training for health care workers the Illinois Nursing Association is keeping a close eye local hospitals to make sure proper protocol is followed.

Loyola is staying on top of the Ebola scare by takings its cues from the CDC, which change often.

"This is an ongoing process," says Anderson, "and evolving process. We will continue to educate staff and stay focused and secured."
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