Losing weight in the New Year with the Vitalife weight loss program

This segment is produced with and sponsored by Vitalife.

One of the top New Years Resolutions is to lose weight. On New Years Eve Davis Jaspers, founder of the Vitalife Weight Loss Program, appeared on "Countdown Chicago 2019" to make an amazing offer to viewers at home. Hundreds of people called in to start their journey. Tom Wyler was one of those who took the challenge. He told WCL about his journey and will appear live in studio at the end of his 40-day program to show off how much weight he lost. He's 16 days in and down 16 pounds.

Davis also shared some insight on how the program works.

They are having a Windy City Live special - you can get an initial consultation and scan - a $300 value - for $27. Just head to their website or call 844-988-THIN to start your weight loss journey today.