New Illinois lottery tickets benefit fight against Multiple Sclerosis

This segment is produced with and sponsored by the Illinois Lottery.

Since 2008, the Illinois Lottery has teamed with the Multiple Sclerosis Society to create the MS Project ticket. One hundred percent of the proceeds from these special Illinois Lottery instant win games goes directly to fund cutting-edge MS research right here in Illinois. The Illinois Multiple Sclerosis Research Fund awards grants to organizations conducting MS research in Illinois. All grants are reviewed and approved by the National MS Society's Research Programs Advisory Committee.

This year is no different: Harold Mays of the Illinois Lottery and Sarah Rodriguez of the MS Society stopped by WCL to unveil this years' ticket - and talk about the impact the money raised has had on MS research.

Remember - March 10-16 is MS Awareness Week, so buying Illinois Lottery tickets is a great way to help the fight against this disease.

The ticket costs $3; features three (3) top prizes of $50,000; available at more than 7,200 retailers across the state.

Overall odds of winning are 1:3.45. More than 520,000 prizes ranging from $3 to $50,000.

To find out more about the new Illinois Lottery MS instant win game - visit their website.

To find out more about the fight against MS, visit the MS Society website.