Prevent mosquitoes with these homemade remedies

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Summer means mosquitoes, but there are some key things that can be done to help prevent those pesky insects from ruining summer outings.

It's mosquito control awareness week. Many turn to home remedies to keep themselves and their families protected during the summer months, but these aren't always effective strategies.

Jim Dunbar, the owner of Mosquito Joe, stopped by ABC7 to discuss homemade remedies for mosquitoes that work and don't work.

- Mosquito Myths: Citronella candles/oils, mouthwash, wearable items like DEET wristbands, UV light bug zappers - these items do NOT work.

- Mosquito Facts: Coffee grounds, dish detergent, fans, pinion wood, tight/white clothing, DEET - typically actually DO work.

Mosquitoes need as little as a bottle cap full (half-inch) of water to breed - ensure you empty beer cans/cups, dump Frisbees and toys, and drill holes in your garbage cans prior to Fourth of July festivities to ensure a bite free holiday. Avoid peak hours like sun down and dusk - the times of day when wind is essentially nonexistent is feeding time for mosquitoes.

Virginia Beach, VA-based Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control treatment to residential and commercial customers nationwide. Technicians are trained mosquito control experts dedicated to getting rid of mosquitoes so people can enjoy being outside again. More information on preventing mosquitoes around the house may be found here.
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