Retired Illinois minister saved by teenage organ donor

Prayers were answered for a retired minister from Illinois who was given the gift of life thanks to a teenage organ donor.

Keith Stampley and Julie Spear met for the first time after an organ from Spear's son saved Stampley's life.

Evan Spear of Colorado was just 19 years old when he died on May 16, 2015. Two days later, Keith Stampley received his donation.

"It was like he left a will," Spear said.

His liver was matched with Stampley, a retired minister of 30 years from Illinois. It's been two years since that lifesaving procedure, and at their meeting, he shared with the mom who lost so much that he can feel Evan every day.

"I never ate ketchup, after I had the transplant I was like hey I can eat ketchup, pizza, I never ate pizza, I like pizza now," Stampley said.

"There's Evan right there," said Spear.

"It has been a source of light and honor for me and as a donor mom, it has really been saving me as well," she said.

As they begin their new relationship, they're asking others to save more lives.

"It isn't just a heart on your license, it truly can become a reality, and you can give life to others," said Spear.

Three other people were also saved thanks to Evan's donation.